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CONGRATULATIONS on being part of SmallBizBuys.com.

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Please keep in mind, the longer you stay onboard, the better this website will work for you.  

Your choices will be:
1-Month = $29.00 per month 
6-Month Commitment = $145.00 total (Pay for your first 5 months, get your 6th month free)
12-Month Commitment = $261.00 total (Pay for your first 9 months, get your 10th, 11th and 12th month free)

All rate payments are due in full, upfront, and are non-refundable.

To avoid interruption in your service, your next payment will be due before the end of your commitment term. If you do not make a payment on time, your account will be canceled.

To voluntarily cancel your service, please review the Cancellation Policy in the Terms and Conditions Agreement (links above). 

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