Terms and Conditions

SmallBizBuys.com is a website of Small Biz Buys, LLC.  SmallBizBuys.com is intended to assist potential buyers in searching, locating and purchasing items from local small businesses in their area.  Small Biz Buys, LLC does not guarantee that SmallBizBuys.com will be free of errors, interruptions or viruses.  Small Biz Buys, LLC  cannot guarantee this site will provide more traffic or business to your company, and will not be held liable for any direct, or indirect, losses to your company.   ​

This website is for independently owned and operated small businesses in brick and mortar locations (mom and pop shops). Small businesses with multiple locations are acceptable.  Currently, we are not accepting home-based businesses; internet-only businesses; national/regional “big chain” franchise-owned; agents/contractors of national/regional “big chain” companies or stores; commission-only; hotels; or wholesalers.  Small Biz Buys, LLC reserves the right to remove your company, without refund, if your business does not meet the requirements listed above. ​

Although your website may show your current sales, promotions, etc., posting of prices of items, sales, discounts, or promotions on the SmallBizBuys.com site will not be permitted.   By submitting your website, we will provide a link directly to your website for customer accessibility.   ​

By submitting your website, you agree to allow Small Biz Buys, LLC to become an affiliate of your company.



Your username is your email address and you will create a password. Please keep this information confidential, as Small Biz Buys, LLC will not be held liable for misuse of your account. ​



You are required to enter your store information, however, your store’s website is optional. Keep your information up to date by logging in to your account and making any changes, as often as you need, at no additional charge.  Please note, Small Biz Buys, LLC reserves the right to randomly check, and remove, any items that are deemed offensive, at our discretion.  You may receive notice that we have removed an offensive item from your account, and if it is a repeated offense, you may be completely removed from this site.  It is your responsibility to regularly check your physicalinventory with the items that you have placed on SmallBizBuys.com, to prevent inaccuracies.


To be part of SmallBizBuys.com, there is a rate set for each commitment level.


The current commitment rates are displayed on the “Add My Biz” page of the website and are subject to change at any time by Small Biz Buys, LLC.   ​

The billing cycle begins on the date of signup, and the next payment will be due at the end of the duration, on that same date.  For example, to sign up on the 20th of the month, your next payment is due on, or before, the 20th of the end of the commitment term. 



There are 3 (three) choices of commitment durations.

1st Choice1-month commitment, aka “Bronze”.

2nd Choice6-month commitment, aka “Silver”.

3rd Choice: 12-month commitment, aka “Gold”.

The details of these commitment levels can be viewed on the “Add My Biz” page of the website and are subject to change at any time by Small Biz Buys, LLC.

Any “free” months that you are eligible to receive will be at the end portion of your term.  For example, if you have “1 month free” with your subscription, that “free month” will be the last month of your term.



Once you have chosen and paid for a duration period, upgrades are not permitted.  You may choose another duration at the end of your currently chosen term.



The full payment of your commitment level will be due before your store’s information will be uploaded. Please remember that the payment is non-refundable.

You will be invoiced 5-7 days before the end of your term, and you will have that time to make a payment, otherwise, your store’s information will be removed from our site, and your account will be considered cancelled. You may re-register your small business, with SmallBizBuys.com, at any time.



You may cancel at any time, however, you will still be charged through the end of the current term. No refunds will be issued.

Please complete the cancellation form, provided on the website, completely to avoid inaccuracies. Your information will be deleted from public view.



These Terms and Conditions are subject to changes, at any time, by Small Biz Buys, LLC and without prior notification to participants. ​



Revised 3-5-2020