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Below, you will see the subscription information for one year on the website.

AFTER you sign up for the one-year subscription, you will be able to continue shopping by selecting the “Add On Services” tab in the top menu.  You may also come back another time to select extra services as often as needed.

You may cancel at any time, however, as seen in the Terms and Conditions, there are no refunds for the yearly rate, or for the extra add on’s, that you purchased, that were unused.

To avoid interruption in your service, your next payment will be due before the end of your commitment term (12-months). If you do not make a payment on time, your account will be canceled.

To voluntarily cancel your service, please review the Cancellation Policy in the Terms and Conditions Agreement (links above).   Please note, you may sign up again at any time, however, you will again be subject to the sign-up fee.


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