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Our Goal is to make EVERY day “Shop Local Day” 


How did this come about?  Well, here’s a little back story:

A few years ago, I was looking for a specific ornament to give as part of a gift, and didn’t know which stores around me sold it, so I got on social media and asked if anyone knew where I could find it. Their answers were anywhere from “go to Frankenmuth” (2 hours away from home), to “check with (2 online major sellers)”. But I wanted to physically SEE these ornaments before I purchased them. I thought, there has to be a way to “search” the small businesses around me … but no such luck. I called around, and DID find a small business that sells them, so that’s where I went.


I admit, I’m not a heavy frequenter of small businesses, and it’s mostly because I don’t know what most of the small businesses sell, and their store names don’t always make it obvious.

I had the great opportunity of working with a local newspaper, selling ads for businesses who wanted more exposure, and quite a few business owners had told me “I’m not getting the traffic, so I need to increase the size of my ad, or add color to it”, or just the opposite, “I’m not getting the traffic, so I’m not able to spend any more money on ads.” Hmm, I’m noticing a pattern here.

We see a lot of ads that say “Shop Small”, or “Support Local Businesses”, but they are really only pushed ONE DAY a year .. Shop Small Saturday, which is the day AFTER “Black Friday”, where shoppers are enticed by big-box stores with huge sales – people line up HOURS before they even open.  Then, there’s “Cyber Monday”, where people are encouraged to shop online … and I’m not hearing that they’re shopping online with their local small business stores. What about the little guy???

So, here we are… SmallBizBuys.com.  This site is designed to assist small, brick and mortar, businesses gain more customer “foot traffic”, loyalty, and sales by enabling their potential customers to “search” for items sold at one of their own local small business stores.

I am not opposed to shopping at the big-chain stores, and I’m not opposed to shopping online.

All I ask is that you check with your local small businesses, before you shop at a big-chain, or online store.

From this site, you can take a look in your area, for the participating small businesses, AND KEEP CHECKING BACK!!   Some small businesses have to wait to participate, because of their advertising budgets.

If you see a store on my list, and you click, call or visit, please tell them “I saw you on SmallBizBuys.com”.

Thank you!!

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