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SmallBizBuys.com is designed to assist small businesses gain more customer “foot traffic”, loyalty, and sales by enabling their potential customers to search for items sold at one of their own local small business stores, all on one site.

This website is for independently owned and operated small businesses in brick and mortar locations (mom and pop shops), and “home based” businesses (Sole Proprietors, LLC’s, etc.) that provide goods and/or services to the general public, and also follow our guidelines of the businesses we are accepting. Small businesses with multiple locations are acceptable.

Currently, we are NOT accepting internet-only businesses; national/regional “big chain” franchise-owned; agents, contractors, consultants, representatives, ambassadors, etc. of national/regional “big chain” companies or stores; commission-only; hotels; or wholesalers.

This website is also NOT intended for “personal” sales or services, such as yard/garage sale items, estate sales, porch pick ups, coupons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons, or the sale of animals or “pets”, or any products or services deemed illegal.

Keep your own website – we’ll direct them to it.  
We also direct them right to your store!

We may expand our base in the future, so please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

On the next page, you’ll see the Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy, however, I wanted to give you the answer to my “most-asked” question …

How much is this, and what do I get??


Just $25 gets you added into the SmallBizBuys.com directory – for a whole YEAR
Want more?  See below:

These rates are lower than most print-ads, and you’ll have a link, directly to your own website!
Don’t lose that next buyer. Let us, help them, find YOU!
Thank you, and best of success to you!
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